Where have we been


    We set off on our greatest ever adventure on the 18th December 2015.  Travelling around Australia is something we nearly did about over a decade ago, before the children were born.  We had gotten to the ‘resign’ stage but were needed at work so we stayed and always looked back wishing we’d done it.

    In January 2015 all the planets aligned for us and the idea of doing the big trip went from ‘possibility’ to ‘reality’. Our twins were in Year 3 and we were told their education wouldn’t suffer too much, especially if we enrolled in Distance Education. So we started planning the trip and did a practice run in our camper trailer in the April school holidays. Lucky we did, as there was NO WAY we could have managed a year on the road in the camper trailer.  We know there are heaps of families managing it, but on our test run we were drenched by a heavy downpour on the first night, and even though the canvas didn’t leak at all, the bedding was damp for days and we had virtually no storage in the camper at all. It took us 1hr 15mins to pack up each time we moved to a new campsite and each time we finished the pack up we were forcibly squeezing things in to the boot of the 4WD, at one stage I couldn’t fit in both boots so one travelled on the floor of the front seat. We were always reluctant to pack up the dewy canvas and would delay our pack up as late as possible to let the canvas dry out.

    We bought an off road caravan to use for the big trip, and factored its depreciation into our trip budget. The rest is history and we’ve been living in the caravan ever since.

    Leaving Canberra in December was perfect timing. We could spend the start and end of 2016 in the cooler southern states, and winter in the hot northern states. Setting out with an eternal summer ahead of us was exciting, but we didn’t realise that the winter would still be too hot for us!

    Our plan was always to spend as little time as possible close to home, which meant lots of time in Western Australia and Northern Territory. We also decided to skip Victoria as we lived in Melbourne for 14 years and have done the sights already.

    We’ve been travelling clockwise around Australia and will be in Queensland until late October. We hope you enjoy reading about our travels and life on the road.