Waiting around to get the caravan fixed was frustrating us so we left Port Lincoln for the day and headed north to Tumby Bay and the northern beaches.  Lipson Cove had just made the top 101 beaches in Australia, so that was definitely worth checking out. Tumby Bay was a short 45 min drive from Port Lincoln so we were there in no time.

One of the things that had become an issue for us was Azzy’s guitar, so it we found an Op Shop in Tumby Bay and donated it.  We had a good chat to the volunteers in the Op Shop and they suggested that we fill a bag of things for $5.  Fortunately there were heaps of great second hand books for the kids and we walked out with some good reads!

Lipson Cove was not really what we were expecting. The beach was not great, it smelt bad and there were seagulls crying until the sun went town.  The campsite was nothing more than a car park (with a very old drop toilet) and we had some really shocking weather overnight – wet and blowing a gale. It ended up being the tail end of Cyclone Stan which had come down from Broome in WA but at the time we just knew we were getting wet and blown over when packing up.  We had been so lucky with the weather so far it didn’t bother us much but Lipson Cove was not one of our highlights.