Very lucky to have dodged a ferocious thunderstorm in Adelaide this morning, we had a long drive north to Port Augusta and across to Kimba which was our first taste of the outback.  Well we have to call it a ‘taster’ because we really only spent 24hrs in the outback as such.  We were being chased by huge storm clouds which was exciting given that South Australia has been so dry this summer.

Steam on the wet road was a bit exciting for us as we’d not seen any rain so far.
We are making good progress!
After around 8 hours of driving, we camped at Kimba which is known for being ‘halfway across Australia’ so we stopped at the obligatory sign for a photo before pulling into the free local campground behind the football oval and tennis courts.
It was a great little spot and Sven ran a lesson for the kids while I cooked dinner.  Here they are doing a statistics and probability exercise, choosing ‘heads’ or ‘tails’ and recording the results.


Kimba Recreation Reserve free campground.



One of Kimba’s main attractions is a mural on one of the local halls.

The next day we spent exploring the sights between Kimba, and Streaky Bay on the western coast of the Eyre Peninsula.  It was interesting to learn about John Eyre the great explorer who covered so much ground, on foot, with no roads in the early days. It took us 12 hrs to drive from Adelaide (at 100km per hour) to the coastline 2cm to the right of the ‘Y’ of Fowlers’ Bay.

John Eyre is a legend in these parts, and this map put his achievements in perspective for the kids.


John Eyre and an indigenous friend of his are preserved in statues by a local artist.


The spectacular left wave of Pildanna Rock in the northern Eyre Peninsula.
Expansive views from the top of Pildanna Rock.